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Art During the Time of Covid

Slideshow from Charleston High School (posted on June 3, 2021)
Here is a selection* of works produced during the 2020-2021 year. Some were done during remote learning, and some were done face-to-face.  One of the biggest challenges was decreased class time due to our adjusted schedule.  This meant less time to practice techniques, explore different media, and produce finished works.  That said, I'm very impressed and proud of what these students achieved this year.

My teaching philosophy involves less instruction of specific skills or the production of homogenous projects, but on the process of helping to give students agency to develop their own ideas and to support the learning process.  I typically will base lessons on broad themes, types of media, or general subject matter, but it's up to the students to develop their ideas, practice skills, and refine their techniques in a way that expresses their own interests. 

All of this was especially challenging in remote learning, but even when most of us returned to in-person school.  Being creative and willing to take creative risks when the outside world is in chaos and uncertainty is extremely difficult.  I myself learned a lot as a teacher and an artist.   I hope that most students feel that they also grew and learned about what they are capable of, and I hope that they discovered a skill or media that they had some fun with.  I certainly enjoyed observing the process!

* Order of appearance is based on order in which works were published on this site.  Not all students from this year have work in this slide show, as some students opted to not make their work publicly visible.  Effort was taken to feature at LEAST one work of art from each student who DID opt to make their work public.  To see more of these students projects and to learn more about them, please visit the main Artsonia Gallery for Charleston High School!  You can also peruse artwork from last year, as well!
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