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Welcome to the CHS visual arts gallery! Thank you for visiting & supporting the arts. The purpose of this is to showcase students' achievements in their high school art classes throughout the year(s), and to share what they have learned.

PLEASE NOTE: I give students and their families the option to keep their posted artwork private (I offer extra credit for them to make their work public). Therefore some students' work is not publicly visible due to privacy settings.

An optional bonus feature of Artsonia is that you have the option to buy merchandise that features student artwork. 20% of the money generated through our school's Artsonia page goes toward the art department. Purchases are anonymous (I can see a purchase was made, but cannot see who made the purchase). This fundraising aspect is not my main purpose for participating, but is a cool feature.

I do hope you'll enjoy perusing the fruits of our students' labors from this year, and offer them words of encouragement!
Heather Siegel