Class Portal
Whether you are teaching in the physical classroom or remotely, Artsonia's Class Portal is a tool every art teacher should utilize. Students can use the Artsonia app or browse to to photograph their own artwork, make edits, and enter artist statements. They just need your school's access code or the printed QR code to get started. As students submit entries, you will be notified to review them before they are published in your school gallery. You can make your own corrections to the image, title, and artist statement or you can send it back to the student for corrections.
You can also enter announcements or general instructions for students that they will see when they login to the Class Portal. Announcements are specific to each grade you teach. This is a great way for you to communicate with your students!

If you have students learning remotely, we recommend sending parents the parent instruction letter to help the students get logged into the school class portal.