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Your students can submit their own artwork and artist statements using an iOS/Android device (or any computer) at school. It provides a rich way to integrate technology into your art room, and also saves you time by allowing students to assist you in uploading artwork! It's a win-win for everyone!
How the Process Works
You setup projects
Create projects that students will submit their entries to. Projects can include optional instructional text (or videos!) that the student can review after logging in.
Students login to the "Class Portal"
Students will log in to the Class Portal using our iOS/Android app or browsing to They will need the school access code (or QR code) to access the class roster and locate their names, which are organized by grade or class.
NEW TIP: You no longer have to setup your student roster ahead of time for students to use Class Portal (although you still can if you wish). If a new student's name is not on the class roster, he/she can simply add their own name.
Once they select (or add) their names, you may require that your students enter a numeric PIN#, similar to a password.
NEW TIP: You no longer have to distribute pre-assigned PINs to students. Instead, you can allow the students to enter their own PINs the first time they access the Class Portal. (If you prefer, you may still assign PINs yourself.)
Students read announcements and project instructions
Once students log in, they will be able to read announcements that you may enter for their grade, and review project instruction text or video. These are optional features, but very helpful in eLearning situations or just as a reminder of assignments.
Students submit artwork, titles and statements
Students then photograph and upload their own artwork, as well as enter optional art titles and artist statements.
You review student submissions
You will be notified to review student entries before before they are published in your school gallery. If corrections need to be made, you can either send the entry back to the student or just make them yourself. Upon acceptance, you can also enter optional "feedback" that the student and parent can read.
Helpful Tutorial Videos
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