Meet the Teachers  at Oneida Schools (Elementary/Middle/High) (Oneida, Tennessee)

    Kevin Terry
When I was about 4 years old I remember drawing a cowboy for my mom and my aunt Jean. I started at the bottom of the page and ran out of room so that the cowboy's face was cut off just above the nose. Despite my goof, my mom and aunt raved about it and told me I had a good imagination. It was then that I discovered a gift and felt like I was good at drawing. Now, as an elementary Art teacher I love to help my students discover their gift in making art to whatever degree they possess it. I believe that t ... read more
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    Mary Ross
From the time I was a little girl my mother told me she knew I would be an artist. Since then I have developed a love for multiple art styles, techniques and media. I feel there is no better way for a child to explore the possibilities and world before them and gain a sense of pride then in their artistic explorations and accomplishments. It allows them to see the world more closely then ever before. I knew that I wanted to bring that excitement and sense of accomplishment to children through teaching. I re ... read more

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    Stacy Love
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