Meet the Teachers  at Fowler School (Maynard, Massachusetts)

    Sean Perham
Coming from an extended family of artists and teachers, Mr. Perham knew from a young age art would play an important role in his life. Mr. Perham?s artistic career began as a professional chef working with food as his favorite medium. During his culinary career he enjoyed teaching others to cook and soon made the decision to change his career to become a teacher.
Spring of 2007 Mr. Perham graduated from Framingham State College with a B.A. in Art Education. Since then he has taught art at The Kennedy ... read more
    Margot Brown Slowick
Mrs. Slowick has always loved art. She has been creating art since she was three years old, and she continues to this day, to create her own 2D and 3D work. She loves to work in, and explore, a variety of material and is a big fan of creating artwork from recycled materials. Everything she learns through her own artistic explorations she shares in the classroom. Ms. Brown has been a professional teacher since 1994. She holds a BA in Art Education from Framingham State College, and a Masters in Education fro ... read more