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Maynard, Massachusetts
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Recent Comments
Welcome to The Fowler School visual arts gallery on Artsonia. As an art teacher I have the privilege of seeing many outstanding works of art on a daily basis. Belonging to ArtSonia will enable me to share with you incredible art work you can view at anytime. Fowler is using this program as positive reinforcement for students who produce high quality art work and deserve recognition. Due to the massive volume of art work produced at the school it is not possible for every student to have every project published on this site. It is our goal to have a couple works from every participating student published by the end of the school year. Please note that as primary executor of your child’s ArtSonia account, you will be able to photograph and upload any art work your child creates at home or in school. If you make purchases through the ArtSonia gift shop 20% will be returned to the school as an art budget. Thank you for visiting our gallery, and supporting our artists.