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Hicksville, Ohio
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52,786 artworks
- 1,788 this year
- 60 this year
2,497 statements
- 303 this year
1,847 fans
- 327 this year
429 student awards this year
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Cute :)
comment for Alina2497
Welcome to The Hicksville Elementary Art Gallery! Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts!

Your participation has already boosted Hicksville's ranking tremendously! Click on your child's gallery page and send him or her a note of praise and encouragement! (Click "Parents" button for directions.)

Please register, join fan clubs & send comments to our artists! Don't forget to send e-cards to family and friends! Your son or daughter can learn an important lesson about praise by giving it - show them how to write a note of encouragement to classmates. And visit the gift shop to see your child's art work on a variety of great gift-giving items. The funds generated through Artsonia sales will help purchase art supplies for the school.

If you have any questions you can contact me at gaghanc@hickvilleschools.org.

Thanks again!
Mr. Gaghan
Chris Gaghan