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Kirksville Primary (K-2)

Kirksville, Missouri
School Activity
80,813 artworks
- 1,139 this year
- 148 this year
409 statements
- 0 this year
3,564 fans
- 652 this year
103,040 visitors
167 students won awards this year
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Aww so sweet and cute!
comment for Jenaveive1
The Arts are a great bridge to connect all areas of a child's learning. At Kirksville Primary,We focus our time on learning to appreciate art and using our artistic voices to express our ideas. The extra funds raised by sales on Artsonia are truly wonderful. With these additional funds, we have been able to add books to our Research area. This area is used to help spark my student's imaginations and get their creative juices flowing. The students and I appreciate the support that you have shown. Thanks again for all your help and support!
Laura Halter