Art from this school year at HPS! 2021-2022

Slideshow from Harnett Primary (posted on May 17, 2022)
The students have learned to photograph, crop, and edit pictures of their art. They also upload their pictures into our online Art gallery.  We are so proud of their hard work!   They have preserved a digital copy of their art, that families and friends can admire for years.  Students' art is only published with their parent's permission.  If you have not joined your child's account by entering your email address, please do so now! If you do not have a Parent Code, you can email me with your child's name and teacher- and the parent email you'd like to use for your account.        
I'd love to hear from you!   
                             Have a great Summer!    Mrs. Rivers
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Art from this school year at HPS! 2021-2022
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