Blue Ridge High School School Award

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Artsonia 25K Club Award
For publishing 25,000 or more artworks at the school.
Not yet earned – Your school currently has 14,570 artwork published
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Nearby Winners
These are the top 10 closest schools that have won this award.
Johnson City Elementary in Johnson City, NY
Earned on 2/8/2022
Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School in Scranton, PA
Earned on 1/25/2024
Wallenpaupack North Primary School in Hawley, PA
Earned on 3/4/2011
Wallenpaupack South Elementary School in Newfoundland, PA
Earned on 10/17/2013
Perry Browne Intermediate in Norwich, NY
Earned on 11/9/2012
Minisink Valley Elementary School in Slate Hill, NY
Earned on 5/7/2012
High Point Regional High School in Sussex, NJ
Earned on 12/1/2022
Presidential Park Elementary School in Middletown, NY
Earned on 3/15/2018
Maple Hill Elementary in Middletown, NY
Earned on 10/28/2014
Fredon Township School in Newton, NJ
Earned on 3/1/2019
Other Recent Winners
These are the top 10 most recent schools to have won this award.
St. Francis Borgia School in Cedarburg, WI
Earned on 5/30/2024NEW
Centennial Middle School in Spokane, WA
Earned on 5/29/2024
Asa Low Intermediate School (4-6) in Mansfield, TX
Earned on 5/28/2024
Twin Cities German Immersion School in St. Paul, MN
Earned on 5/27/2024
Heineman Middle School in Algonquin, IL
Earned on 5/21/2024
Madison Elementary School in Hinsdale, IL
Earned on 5/21/2024
Adm Richard E Byrd Elementary School in Elk Grove Village, IL
Earned on 5/21/2024
High Point Elementary School in Gahanna, OH
Earned on 5/21/2024
Somerville Elementary in Ridgewood, NJ
Earned on 5/21/2024
Thornton Elementary School in Temple, TX
Earned on 5/21/2024