Wallenpaupack South Elementary School

Newfoundland, Pennsylvania
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25,000 art
Oct 17, 2013
10,000 art
Jan 13, 2010
5,000 art
Nov 3, 2008
1,000 art
Nov 22, 2006
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Awesome job! You rock buddy!
comment for Cory3026
The Visual Arts program at South Elementary is transitioning into the principles and practices of the nationally recognized and research-backed "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" also known as TAB or Choice-based method of teaching. The idea is simple: Students are artists and the classroom is their studio. Students are offered real choices for their own ideas and interests.
Be sure to leave a positive comment for the students, they love hearing nice things about their artwork. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase EXTRA art supplies for our classroom. Please take the time to register your children. I look forward to another wonderful year in the art room!

Debbie Pulst