Sale on Personalized Art Keepsakes for Father's Day - Order by June 11
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Shipping Information

Artsonia offers shipping options from both UPS and USPS.

Shipping and handling charges are based on real-time quotes received directly from these carriers, which varies depending on the delivery address and package size/weight.

Delivery generally takes between 7-10 business days from the point you place the order to the point it is delivered. Some options, such as First Class Mail and international shipments, will take a few days extra. Express shipping (available around certain holidays) typically takes between 3-5 business days. These intervals include the time it takes to produce your custom products in our facility.
Ordering deadlines for Father's Day
Orders shipping to most destinations in the USA must be placed by the following deadlines so they arrive before Father's Day.
Standard Delivery — Order by Sunday June 11 (end of day)
Standard Delivery may be available longer depending on the shipping destination.
Express Delivery — Order by Tuesday June 13 (end of day)
Destinations outside the USA continental 48 states (including Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or Canada) may have earlier deadlines.
All applicable delivery options are presented during order checkout, along with quoted rates and estimated delivery dates.