Student Roster: Import Spreadsheet

This tool allows you to quickly add names to your student roster – saving you lots of typing!
Get a spreadsheet of your student roster
Obtain a Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or Comma-Separated Text (.csv) file formatted with these data columns:
Last Name First Name Grade Classroom (optional) Parent Email (optional)
Jones Johnny K Smith
Mills Sally 1 Johnson
Finley Tom 1 Beech
SAMPLE spreadsheet - click to download
  • First Name, Last Name, Grade
    Last name is only shown in the roster for your reference, it is not made public.
  • Classroom (optional)
    Use this to organize students into "groups" in your roster.
  • Parent Email (optional but recommended)
    Provide up to two parent email columns to invite parents to give permission to display their child's artwork in your school public gallery, and also setup their account to approve comments, manage their child's fan club and more.
    Parents will receive an immediate welcome email from Artsonia once we upload the roster. see example email
Upload the file to Artsonia
You must login to your teacher account before you can upload a roster.