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by Julie Phillips (Fort Worth, TX) for Middle School (6-8)
I will use what I know to learn about art. I will learn about symbols....
by Merrill Moser (Donna, TX) for Middle School (6-8) Power Planner! ?
I will use what I know to learn about art. I will learn about symbols...
by Natalie McKalip (Winchester, IN) for Middle School (6-8) Power Planner! ?
One student will select a partner to model and pose for a timed three ...
by Laura Allan (Villa Park, IL) for Elementary (3-5) Power Planner! ?
Students will write an "I Can" statement about Art, while also incorpo...
by Stephanie Weaver (Huntsville, AL) for Elementary (3-5)
Create a complex drawing by finding basic shapes.
by Sami Simmons (Cherry Valley, AR) for High School (9-12)
Students will create a "self" portrait using images of things that rep...
by Iordache Valeria (Romania) for Early Childhood (Pk-2)
-to correct numbers stones of different colors -to compare the approp...
by Camelia Teodorescu (Romania) for Elementary (3-5)
Students will interpret egiptian art by analyzing the characteristics...
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