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This repository contains 7,336 full lesson plans created by our community of art teachers. They include instructions, materials and resources so that you can immediately use them in your classroom.
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Adinkra Printmaking
by Kate Moe
Perfect Square
by Kate Moe
Painted Pumpkins - Knd
by Allisha Murr
Japanese Cherry Blossom
by Kate Moe
Line Monsters - Types of Line - Knd
by Allisha Murr
Q-Tip Snowman Painting - Knd
by Allisha Murr
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Lynette Robinson
50 plans this year
Emily Grizzell
10 plans this year
Allisha Murr
8 plans this year
Wynonna Clark
8 plans this year
Kate Moe
4 plans this year
James Hegarty
3 plans this year