Resources & Training Videos

Short Training Videos
Learn how to setup and organize your school's student roster.
Learn how to get parent permissions by entering emails or printing take-home slips.
Learn how to use our brand-new permissions tool that makes getting parent permissions at an open-house event very easy!
Learn how to use the Artsonia mobile app on your iOS or Android device to upload artwork.
Learn how to use Classroom Mode as a teacher to give your students access to upload artwork, titles and/or statements on their own. Also learn how to monitor and review entries before they appear in your school's gallery.
Show this video to your students as a tutorial on how to use Classroom Mode on the iPad to add artwork, titles and statements on their own.
Learn how to provide feedback on student artworks and statements using our "Give Feedback" feature. Feedback is a private communication to the student that appears to registered parents and to students when logged in to Classroom Mode.
Full-Length Webinars
This webinar walks through the basics of setting up a new school gallery on Artsonia, including adding students to your roster, handling parent permission, uploading artwork and organizing them into projects, and promoting your program to parents.
This webinar walks through the new "Classroom Mode" feature of Artsonia where students can publish their own artworks and statements in the classroom setting using iPads or computers.
Describes Artsonia and the benefits of participation. This is useful if you need to discuss Artsonia with your principal, school administrator or PTO.
Download and print this certificate to distribute to your students as recognition of being published on Artsonia!
Artsonia Product Catalog (updated Fall 2018)
Artsonia offers a variety of unique products that can be imprinted with student artwork, making excellent keepsakes for students or their family members. Products include magnets, keychains, coffee mugs, portfolio books, canvas prints, and more!
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