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Meet the Teachers  at Liza Jackson Preparatory School (Fort Walton Beach, Florida)

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Joy Cawiezell
Welcome to the LJPS art room! My name is Joy Cawiezell and I've been working at Liza Jackson since 2012. I've wanted to be an artist since I was three years old and to my delight I've achieved that dream-- but even better I'm lucky enough to work with our talented young artists. I graduated with my degree in art history, so in addition to our adventures with techniques and different media, I always make sure we include a healthy dose of historical context and fun artist facts. It's my hope that every student who enters the art room comes away with not just beautiful artwork, but an understanding and appreciation of their own innate creativity.
Scarlett Soska
No biography available for this teacher.
Abby Brown
No biography available for this teacher.