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Meet the Teachers  at Heritage Elementary School (Bennington, Nebraska)

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Kathy Knight
I have been blessed with the talents of athleticism and creativity. My athleticism paid my way through college and creativity has provided a living for me. I believe with every fiber of my body that I was put on earth to be an art teacher. Creating art with young people is fun, but the privilege of being part of a community that makes a difference in a student's life is extremely rewarding. This is my 26th year of teaching and I still love it.
Kim Stroberg
I love teaching art! It is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. All children can learn art and the biggest thrill I get is watching students that struggle in art become more sure of themselves and see their own potential. I never stop learning and I am always continuing my education. Currently, I have a BS Degree K-12 in Art Education and a MS Degree in Secondary Art Education from UNO.
One of my hobbies is History, all kinds of it, but particularly Archaeology in Native American studie ... read more