Meet the Teachers  at Pygmalion School Of Fine Art (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)

    Dixie Orriss
In 1992 I established and opened Pygmalion School of Fine Art. I had developed a love for art as a child and had never had the opportunity to develop my skills until I apprenticed with professional artist / art teacher, Jean Birnie. Jean taught me traditional and contemporary techniques for drawing, painting, and sculpture that I pass on to my students today. In pursuit of more art instruction I also studied art history, life drawing, design and painting at Grant MacEwan College and the University of Let ... read more
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    Gerry Rasmussen

Gerry Rasmussen is an internationally syndicated cartoonist who draws the comic strip Betty, which has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world since 1991. Gerry began his career studying to be a painter in the University of Alberta's Fine Arts Program. By his fourth year, however, he had achieved such a level of success drawing cartoons for the U of A newspaper, The Gateway, that he decided to leave his studies and begin drawing cartoons full-time. While still at the U of A, Gerry had teamed ... read more