Meet the Teachers  at Ascension Catholic School (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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David Hoffmann
Mr. Hoffmann has been working with the students of Ascension Catholic School for 20 years. He spent 3 of those years in the 5th grade, 4 in the 2nd grade and the rest in the artroom.
Mr. Hoffmann likes to work with oils and acrylic paints. He also works with pen and ink drawings and paper art. He has been working on a mural that encompasses the four seasons on his classroom wall.
He is a member of the Northside Art Collective.
Mr. Hoffmann has a blog where he is creating a creature everyday for a year.
He has cards for sale at The Goddess of Glass in North Mineapolis.
This past summer our school had 9 ribbon winners at the Minnesota State Fair. 1 blue, 3 red, 3 white and 2 honorable mention.
This teacher has submitted their own personal artwork!
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