Meet Kim Mancini

from Grace Christian Elementary/Middle School — Staunton, Virginia
Art has always been a part of my life. As a child, I would draw, color, or paint for hours at a time. I loved imagining different types of creations I could make with nature or with art supplies. Although I didn't have the privilege of having a regular art teacher in my elementary school, I was enthralled with the projects that special guests would present.

As I got older, I became interested in teaching. My love for children and ability to relate to them I believe is God-given. In combining teaching with art, I have experienced ultimate joy in exploring various mediums and fresh projects with each child in each class. I love seeing the students delight when a new concept is introduced.

To me personally, the production of art plays a significant role in emotional and mental well being. Although most of my artwork is fashioned in the classroom as examples, there is still such enjoyment and satisfaction found in carrying out one of the purposes that God ordained for me on this earth--to create art for His glory. It is my pleasure to faithfully serve my Lord in teaching children to understand that God Himself is the Greatest Artist, and that He has created us in His image with skills that come from Him. I hope that you are blessed in viewing the artwork of Grace Christian School students as much as I have been blessed in working with the students and they have been in the process of making it.
Personal Art Gallery
added on 3/2/2018