Vogel-Wetmore School (K-3)

Torrington, Connecticut
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28,664 artworks
- 2,227 this year
- 83 this year
2,589 statements
- 0 this year
1,846 fans
- 330 this year
448 student awards this year
47,312 visitors
School Awards (4)
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25,000 art
Mar 1, 2023
10,000 art
Feb 2, 2014
5,000 art
Feb 27, 2012
1,000 art
Dec 13, 2010
The next award will be earned after publishing 50,000 artworks!
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This is the best rain cloud I ever!!! Mema loves how you see happiness in everything. Great job Stevie
comment for Steven13143
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies for the school.Our students are so happy for you to become members of their FAN CLUBS. Please be sure to leave them comments about their work. They love to see what you think of their work.
Sarah Zwack