Trailside Elementary School

Waterford, Wisconsin
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35,778 artworks
- 1,331 this year
- 98 this year
2,561 statements
- 0 this year
1,603 fans
- 324 this year
270 student awards this year
74,549 visitors
School Awards (4)
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25,000 art
Apr 12, 2018
10,000 art
Oct 19, 2012
5,000 art
May 13, 2011
1,000 art
Jan 15, 2010
The next award will be earned after publishing 50,000 artworks!
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Very beautiful
comment for Andrew52983
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. Remember to tell your family and friends about it! Become a fanclub member. Encourge our students by leaving positive comments about their art! (****Parents need to approve the comments before Artsonia will post them.****) The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies for the school.
Jessica Woelfel