Sutter Middle school

Folsom, California
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15,119 artworks
- 2,634 this year
- 526 this year
11,780 statements
- 2,303 this year
1,575 fans
- 376 this year
206 student awards this year
40,194 visitors
School Awards (3)
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10,000 art
Nov 30, 2022
5,000 art
Sep 9, 2021
1,000 art
Feb 6, 2020
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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Love! I can tell you took a lot of time with this! Great job Aiden!!
comment for Aiden36898
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia! I hope you and your students enjoy this program. Please let me know!

Feel free to share your student's code with grandparents and other family members that would enjoy seeing what they do in art; you are allowed to share that (I am not).

Please take the time to leave a quick comment on each of the pieces that your artist uploads to artsonia. The kids LOVE seeing these responses on their accounts and when they say they didn't do anything at school, it gives you the perfect opening to say, "Oh, but I saw your great painting on artsonia!"

You can also purchase items with your student's work on useful products! Items are high quality and personal! And they get shipped to your door. I will have examples in my classroom for you to see at Back-to-School Night! Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. The money generated through artsonia will help purchase art supplies for students to use in the art classroom.
Mrs. Cagney
Donna Hutchison