Stone Hill School

Cranston, Rhode Island
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1,000 art
Mar 15, 2012
The next award will be earned after publishing 5,000 artworks! This award is almost earned!
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Welcome to the Stone Hill Elementary School Visual Arts Gallery on Artsonia!
Well the 2015-2016 school year is well on its way! I hope you enjoy seeing your child's artwork on display here! Your participation makes all the difference from joining fan clubs, sending comments, and purchasing awesome products that feature their artwork - 20% of your purchase come back to Stone HIll School! Help your child reflect on their artwork by encouraging them to write an artist statement for their published art! Please feel free to become a fan of your child and add comments to their artworks! As well as your child's friends!
Feel free to browse the students work and continue to show your support for the Arts at Stone Hill School! I look forward to working with the students once again and cannot wait to see what creative imaginations they have!!

Miss Carmody