Sharon Elementary School

Wadworth, Ohio
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64,713 artworks
- 2,142 this year
- 205 this year
2,216 statements
- 0 this year
2,750 fans
- 829 this year
173,729 visitors
369 students won awards this year
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Looks great Liv! I love it!
comment for Olivia62605
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. I am so pleased to be able to present the imaginative artworks of my students!
I encourage all students, as well as, family members to become active participants on this site. You can do this by joining Fan clubs and by sending positive comments to the artists.
Thank you for visiting Sharon Elementary Schools' Art Gallery and for supporting the arts.
The money generated through Artsonia, 20% of your purchase, will help buy art supplies for the school.
Enjoy the children's artworks, they do great things!

Karen Gillihan
Art Teacher
Karen Gillihan