Sandy Lane Elementary School

Clearwater, Florida
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5,302 artworks
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5,000 art
Dec 8, 2023
1,000 art
Dec 1, 2020
The next award will be earned after publishing 10,000 artworks!
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Love it!!??
comment for Robert22922
Welcome to our Visual Arts gallery on Artsonia.

The Conservatory for the Arts at Sandy Lane is an Arts Integration school. Our focus is the quality of the Visual and Performing Arts as its own curriculum as well infusing the Arts in the General Education Classroom. The goal of Arts Integration is to increase knowledge and achievement of a general subject area (Math, Science, ELA) while simultaneously fostering appreciation, understanding and achievement of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. You can share the gallery with family so they can leave comments on your artist's art. Our artists love to hear they are doing a great job from their family and friends. Thanks for choosing Sandy Lane as your school for the arts.
Devon Jacques