Pine Grove School

Rowley, Massachusetts
School Activity
19,356 artworks
- 388 this year
- 43 this year
74 statements
- 0 this year
1,712 fans
- 250 this year
82,430 visitors
54 students won awards this year
Recent Comments
I am glad to facilitate the viewing of my students' hard work. There is so much creativity in each of them and I am so glad that I get to teach the tools to help them realize the power of their imaginations. Compliments and encouragement are always welcomed by the artists.
PARENTS- Remember to check and accept comments made for your artist so we can all enjoy them!
If you buy an item, Artsonia gives us 20% to help keep our Pine Grove corner studio going.
I love teaching the talented artists we have in our school!Thanks so much for supporting the arts!

Jen Dubis, Pine Grove Elementary School Art Teacher
Jennifer Dubis