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Shaina Manuel
Hello! Shaina Manuel, art teacher from Round Top here!
I wanted to give you a quick blurb about our Artsonia page.
As the year progresses, I will upload images of your student’s artwork and their ‘fans’ can view, comment and/ or purchase items with the image on it. Parents/ guardians can add additional family members and friends as ‘fans.’
I use this site as a fundraiser and a way to involve students’ family and friends, allowing them to see what is created throughout the year. Last year, we raised over $500 which is put back into the classroom in the form of supplies and consumable materials.
If your child makes an artwork at home that they would like to upload, they are invited to do this! It’s a great way to start building a digital portfolio.
Lastly, I want to assure you, your child will get their original artwork back. The ‘buying options’ are optional if you want the picture on something special (postcard, magnets, etc.)
Thank you for visiting our page and supporting the arts!