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Julie Theim
Welcome to the ROLLING HILLS online art gallery. Students work so hard on their art projects but too often by the time the art goes home it is ripped, wrinkled, folded or lost to the bottomless backpack. I am so thankful for artsonia. It allows me to showcase the art in all it's glory and hopefully takes the pressure off you parents to save everything your little artists bring home :)
Technology continues to grow and evolve. In keeping with the times upper elementary students have started learning how to photograph, edit and upload some of their own art as well as formulate artist statements. This is a learning process and may result in a lower quality image once in a while, but I hope you agree that it is a worth while learning experience.
Please consider leaving a comment for your artists.
*** DOWNLOAD the FREE ARTSONIA APP on your phone or tablet. Did you know as parents you can UPLOAD ART FROM HOME???***