Robert F Hunt Elementary

Diana, Texas
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12,118 artworks
- 4,189 this year
- 412 this year
435 statements
- 132 this year
685 fans
- 577 this year
537 student awards this year
20,164 visitors
School Awards (3)
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10,000 art
Jan 19, 2024
5,000 art
Nov 17, 2022
1,000 art
Nov 18, 2021
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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Very creative, buddy!!
comment for Declan4666
Welcome to Robert F. Hunt Elementary's visual arts gallery on Artsonia! Please visit often and support our gallery with your Comments and by joining Fan Clubs. Artsonia is a positive experience--students will love seeing their art online, but most of all, they will cherish the comments from friends and families.

If you want original personal gifts, don’t forget to shop for items with your child’s masterpiece on it! Did you know you can even purchase things like art prints, journals, stationary and more? Artsonia also donates 20% of your purchase dollars to our school art program!

Students are encouraged to Title and write Artist Statements about their own art work. Help your child write about what they have learned and created. It helps children gain communication and technology skills as they navigate the site. Thanks for stopping by! :)
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Carrie Northcutt