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John McGee
CONGRATS ALAYAH (3rd grade) FOR NATIONAL ARTSONIA ARTIST OF THE WEEK AWARD. T H A N K S PARENTS STUDENTS AND FANS for helping gain Pea Ridge School the NATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD. CONGRATULATIONS to CAITLYN (K), ADDISON (K), COLLIN (1stG), SOPHIA (2ndG), AVERY (2ndG), BRADY (2ndG), AVA (3rdG), HALIE (4thG), SETH (4thG) , and EVAN (5thG) earning STATE AWARDS in the Arkansas Depart. of Wildlife and Conservation art competition/exhibition. WELCOME to our Artsonia website so if you are a parent and still haven't registered, please do so. If you are a friend or relative of one of our artists, please sign on as a fan of your favorite artist and you will receive free of charge an email of each art work completed by that student. NEW RULE FOR 2016 - Unregistered students' art will not be seen on the website until parent registers him/her. Fans/friends of students won't be able to see the art until registration.

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