Schafer Elementary School

Lombard, Illinois
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30,909 artworks
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198 statements
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25,000 art
Dec 3, 2015
10,000 art
May 11, 2009
5,000 art
Feb 6, 2008
1,000 art
Nov 13, 2006
The next award will be earned after publishing 50,000 artworks!
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Welcome to the online art gallery of Schafer School! Artsonia is an amazing online art gallery that helps to foster the importance of an arts education. Our students at Schafer Elementary have created such amazing artwork; please share their art with your friends and family by sending them a link. Once parents are registered, students can receive comments on their art work and create an 'artist statement', to encourage students to reflect on their art using literacy skills. Please check back often, as your participation makes a huge impact on your child and their self esteem. Whether viewing their art online leads to a family discussion or whether you join fan clubs, leave comments, or purchase cool products, all of these things enrich your child’s educational experience and contribute to making your child a life long learner. Thanks for making our Schafer online digital gallery a positive space where students can watch their abilities grow throughout the years.
Michelle Mascheri