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80,934 artworks
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This is so cool!
comment for Margaret5264
Welcome to Northside Elementary School's online art gallery. Each student in grades K - 5 is excited to showcase their own art in an online portfolio. Check back often as artwork is continually added to each portfolio. Please join your child or favorite artist's fan club to get e-mails when a new masterpiece is added!

The artists LOVE receiving compliments on their artwork. The comments will not count in our school tally unless approved by the parent, and you need an account to do so. If you need help creating an account please contact me at

If you want high quality, original personal gifts feel free to shop for items with your child’s masterpiece on it! Artsonia donates 20% of your purchase dollars to our school art program! We hop you enjoy looking at the works of art by our very own Northside students! -Mrs. Cleary
Briana Cleary