Congratulations to Mount Royal Elementary/middle for earning a new award for publishing 1,000 artworks!

Mount Royal Elementary/middle

Baltimore, Maryland
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1,432 artworks
- 1,432 this year
- 130 this year
298 statements
- 298 this year
308 fans
- 308 this year
203 student awards this year
7,790 visitors
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1,000 art
Jun 10, 2024
The next award will be earned after publishing 5,000 artworks!
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Your coloring is really good on the balloon animal. Great job baby!
comment for Akari141
Welcome to our Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School visual arts gallery on Artsonia!

We hope you're loving the work we're creating here at school, because we love being able to share it with you online. Artsonia allows us to quickly fill you in on what we're doing during the day, and gives you the opportunity to share our art with family and friends to help our circle grow!

Please share, share, share for free! And should you feel inclined to buy any keepsakes with our art printed on it, all money generated through Artsonia goes towards purchases for art supplies for our classroom. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts!
Carissa Kramer