Montrose High School

Montrose, Colorado
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5,107 artworks
- 2,345 this year
- 131 this year
4,100 statements
- 2,075 this year
417 fans
- 260 this year
256 student awards this year
9,675 visitors
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5,000 art
May 20, 2024
1,000 art
May 23, 2023
The next award will be earned after publishing 10,000 artworks!
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Hope you love the bag with your Nerd Collection on it!!! Well done! Keep creating more masterpieces! Love, Nana
comment for Emily64920
Welcome and thank you for visiting our art gallery on Artsonia. It is a great way to share artist's growth during the year. ART IS A PROCESS! Often the product is only a small part of the experience. Ask your students to tell you about their work. (How they did it, what it means and what happened during the process.) I encourage students to use their imaginations and be as creative as possible.

I love this app as it allows the student's to develop their photography skills, practice their creative and reflective writing skills and share with important people in their life.
Please feel free to invite friends and family members to view your student's work too.

You can also purchase products with their artwork on them. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies. The artwork products make great gifts.
Laurelee Machale