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Mann Elementary School

Washington D.C., District of Columbia
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Welcome to the Horace Mann Visual Arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. In creating the online gallery, our goal is to promote the value of students seeing their work on display. When our students see a new display at school they look for theirs, who it is next to and how it looks compared to others. They remember their intentions in that very moment. Each brushstroke, new color, unusual shape and imagery has meaning for them. We value the self-assessment they naturally process in viewing their work at school and now online. We would like to make students become part of this process in assessing their work at school, deciding which artwork to photograph & upload and write artist statements. Along with the online gallery, students will build their portfolio at school. It is a growing process and takes time. Thank you for coming back to visit!

Ann-Marie Kuyler - ECLIPSE Art (PK-K)
Julia Major - Studio Art Teacher (1st-5th)
Julia Major