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Wixom, Michigan
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This is the prettiest cactus I’ve ever seen. Love the colors and design. Excellent job baby girl :)
comment for Gabriella14825
Welcome Loon Lake families and thank you for supporting visual art at Loon Lake Elementary! I am pleased to partner with Artsonia this year to provide a digital portfolio for every student. I am extremely passionate about this website and would not be doing it without all of your wonderful participation and support. Thank you! Please leave comments for your little artists and invite other family members to be part of their fan club. There is an artist statement feature that lets students write about their artwork at home and also an option for uploading art done at home to their personal art galleries. A portion of the proceeds for any Artsonia gift shop item purchased will go directly back to the art department at Loon Lake. There are over 500 students at our school and occasionally I make mistakes so PLEASE let me know and I will attend to it as soon as possible and also answer any questions you may have. I look forward to a fantastic new school year with my young artists!
Brandy Carlson