Lakeside Elementary School

Coppell, Texas
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38,571 artworks
- 1,783 this year
- 240 this year
10,433 statements
- 532 this year
4,769 fans
- 629 this year
368 student awards this year
187,092 visitors
School Awards (4)
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25,000 art
Apr 6, 2018
10,000 art
Oct 25, 2012
5,000 art
Apr 5, 2010
1,000 art
Nov 10, 2006
The next award will be earned after publishing 50,000 artworks!
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Good job!
comment for Shira154
Welcome to Lakeside's online art gallery. While you are here enjoying our students' creativity, don't forget to leave comments and join fan clubs to receive updates about your favorite artists. You may also want to visit the Artsonia gift shop for great gift ideas featuring your child's masterpieces. 20% of all sales goes back to the Lakeside Art Room!!! Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts!!

Lakeside's Art Teacher,
Mrs. Narez
Cacey Narez