John Monteith Elementary School

Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
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50,496 artworks
- 4,402 this year
- 2,890 this year
2,669 statements
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3,192 fans
- 1,213 this year
449 student awards this year
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It looks like the Tea Gardens! So beautiful!
comment for Coryn102
Welcome to Monteith's visual arts gallery on Artsonia! Here, you will be able to view your students' online portfolio with different artworks, project descriptions, artist statements, and standards posted throughout the year. Please invite your family and friends to share in your students' art experience by becoming "fans" and leaving inspiring comments on their artworks in your students' portfolio gallery. Artwork makes great gifts for family and friends, and 20% of your purchases will come right back to Monteith's Art Department, and students always are excited when their artwork is "published" on a keepsake item. Happy viewing!
Natalie Zoufal