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Independence Primary Elementary School

Independence, Ohio
School Activity
8,869 artworks
- 2,750 this year
- 329 this year
116 statements
- 13 this year
740 fans
- 575 this year
12,786 visitors
380 students won awards this year
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Great job!
comment for Patrick13051
Welcome to a new way to save student work over the years! I started using this website this year after having a conversation with my mom about all the artwork I created when I was a child, and how much fun it would be to look back at it today. She saved some, but over the years it gets pushed to boxes, folders, attics basements, and then before we know it, gone. If the opportunity to save art on a computer was available when I was in school I would for sure have artwork to show my current students, which is why I started with Artsonia! I hope you enjoy this chance to download and save work and bring it back out years down the road to see improvement, have some laughs and remember your art days at IPS!
Mr. Gruber