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Hoffman Elementary School (3-5)

Glenview, Illinois
School Activity
14,787 artworks
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7,378 statements
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2,533 fans
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23,664 visitors
0 students won awards this year
Recent Comments
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. The students work very hard learning new techniques, mastering skills, and experimenting. Follow their progress through their academic years in District 34 through the convenience of Artsonia. This is a great format to encourage your child and generate conversations about the creative process. Students are not only responsible for creating the art, but they are required to upload it and provide artist reflections. You can also be an active viewer and comment on your child's progress. Love what you see? You can purchase your child's artwork printed on just about anything you want and 20% goes back to our school to further support our art program. They make great gifts and keepsakes! Browse through our galleries and don't forget to "Look up, look down, art is all around"! Mrs. Schober
Anastasia Mitas