Hillcrest Elementary School

Lawrence, Kansas
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41,902 artworks
- 1,175 this year
- 80 this year
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1,702 fans
- 384 this year
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260 students won awards this year
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High five, E! This is amazing, hands down!
comment for Elliot5254
Thank you for visiting our art website. The artwork displayed is just a sampling of the artwork students have created this year. Each year your student attends Hillcrest I will add more artwork to their portfolio. The artwork will stay attached to the Hillcrest page even after the students move on to middle school and high school. I hope that family and friends enjoy seeing the students growth and creativity . It is our gift to you. Please join your student's fan club and leave them messages of encouragement. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase special art supplies for the school.
Beth Iversen