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Montrose, New York
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4,086 artworks
- 502 this year
- 22 this year
1,415 statements
- 409 this year
757 fans
- 164 this year
88 student awards this year
10,572 visitors
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1,000 art
Oct 30, 2022
The next award will be earned after publishing 5,000 artworks! This award is almost earned!
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This is a good one , I love the sky and trees
comment for Devin12178
WELCOME to the HENDRICK HUDSON HIGH SCHOOL MUSEUM OF ART ! We are SO glad you are looking at your child's amazing work. Your participation makes ALL the difference from joining fan clubs, sending comments, and purchasing cool products that feature their artwork to those discussions at home about all the learning that takes place in the art room each day.

Teach your children how to write a compliment to a fellow artist/classmate and help your child reflect on their artwork by encouraging them to write an artist statement for their art. FOR SAFETY, COMMENTS ON YOUR CHILD'S ARTWORK CAN ONLY BE VIEWED IF YOU APPROVE THEM. :)
Remember, if you purchase any art keepsakes, Artsonia donates 20% to our art program!

You may also see up to date events and works in-progress on our Instragram page at: https://www.instagram.com/henhudhsart/
Jessica Nash