Santa Fe Trail High School

Carbondale, Kansas
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21,828 artworks
- 1,062 this year
- 69 this year
1,821 statements
- 24 this year
1,067 fans
- 96 this year
71 student awards this year
249,238 visitors
School Awards (3)
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10,000 art
Nov 16, 2009
5,000 art
Feb 2, 2007
1,000 art
Apr 26, 2004
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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Congratulations Abby, for winning the artist of the week. You're so talented and gifted. I am so proud of you!
comment for Abigail36738
Welcome to Santa Fe Trail! We're a rural 9-12 high school with an enrollment of around 320 students. Take some time and browse our diverse artwork portfolios. If you see something you enjoy, let the artist know by leaving a comment on their page. You can even order unique gifts for family and friends.
Stephanie Kitten