Gates Elementary School

Acton, Massachusetts
School Activity
9,907 artworks
- 1,853 this year
- 167 this year
6,759 statements
- 1,318 this year
1,341 fans
- 501 this year
29,394 visitors
358 students won awards this year
Recent Comments
Welcome to the Gates School Visual Arts gallery on Artsonia! Students upload photos of their artwork, create titles, and write artist statements so you can learn more about their artistic process and thinking. In the Gates art program, students are encouraged to assume creative control of their art and art-making processes within an environment designed to support individual inquiry and the development of artistic behavior. In a choice-based art room, it is the individual student, not the teacher who defines the project, so you will see artworks of many different subjects and made from various media. Students are taught to work like real artists at Gates, practicing the following Studio Habits of Mind as they create: Develop Craft, Stretch & Explore, Envision, Observe, Express, Engage & Persist, Reflect, and Understand the Art World. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts!
Celia Knight