Congratulations to Freeport Middle School for earning a new award for publishing 5,000 artworks!

Freeport Middle School

Freeport, Florida
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5,178 artworks
- 2,677 this year
- 335 this year
470 statements
- 378 this year
620 fans
- 368 this year
287 student awards this year
21,691 visitors
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5,000 art
May 14, 2024
1,000 art
Nov 3, 2022
The next award will be earned after publishing 10,000 artworks!
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Beautiful colors and artful vision of a place she loves dearly…the beach!
comment for Elyse1586
Welcome to the Freeport Middle School Online Art Gallery! Starting this fall, every student who participates in a FMS art class will automatically receive a personalized digital portfolio through Artsonia. Keep an eye out for photos of student work as we complete projects every week.

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Joy Cawiezell