East Farms School

Farmington, Connecticut
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12,285 artworks
- 2,295 this year
- 455 this year
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10,000 art
Sep 14, 2023
5,000 art
Apr 30, 2019
1,000 art
Jan 10, 2017
The next award will be earned after publishing 25,000 artworks!
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That's the famous Ellie rainbow! Beautiful!
comment for Eliana4685
Welcome to our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts and your amazing children! The students at East Farms School are learning about the Big 6 Art Concepts (Landscape, Architecture, Multi-Cultural Art, Design, Portrait, and Still Life)! We are currently photographing and publishing your children's art work. We are excited to share your students progress in art throughout their elementary education with this digital portfolio application.
Andriana Donlon