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Alicia Cergnul
Thank you to those families that support by purchasing gifts with your artist's art work. These items are nice quality and will have lasting memories of your favorite artist. It's easy to purchase from your home and delivered right to your door.

Art is so important in life. We are constantly stimulated by the visual culture that surrounds us, whether it is the work of a master painter that hangs in a museum, an advertisement in a magazine, media, our clothes we wear, an automobile design, cartoons, movies, to visuals we see daily. You can view your child's ongoing art show 24/7. This is an ongoing digital artist's portfolio of your child's art work over the years. The artists love looking back at all their art work over the years. You can share and brag with your family and friends too!

I wish your artist continued success in their creativity. Please remember to encourage art with creativity at home.